Business Data Systems designs and builds custom apps. Our team has been in the software business for over twenty years, providing software, support and advice to the education, business, science, arts and the community sectors.

Our software is cross-platform, running on Windows, Macintosh, iOS and the Web. We build on the FileMaker database engine, a full stack development tool which gives us the ability to develop applications in a fraction of the time it takes using other technologies. The innovative WebDirect technology available in FileMaker Server provides your extended users with desktop-style interaction with your app through a web browser on as desktop, laptop, mobile tablet, or mobile phone.

Mobilise your Business Apps

Move your apps onto your iPad or iPhone for ease of use and mobility

You can run your business apps on your iPad or iPhone and have full connectivity with your database server. FileMaker Go allows you to take your databases with you. And it’s not just data – your business workflows and reports are available too.

The portability and ease-of-use of our mobile devices has transformed how we think about the workspace. You can now capture live data, on-the-spot, video, audio and image capture. Build in maps and directions with the support of GPS positioning. Reduce errors and double-handling by integrating your app with your web services (Xero, SalesForce, SimPro, Tableau, etc).

We are a productivity business

Our design focus is on efficiency and productivity.

We want you to be as productive as possible with the smallest amount of effort. We aim to design software that is both highly functional and easy to use.

We are good communicators. To help you meet your business needs, we listen. Understanding what you want to achieve is the first step to toward a solution.

Our clients are diverse: small to medium sized business, corporate teams and workgroups, government departments, research teams and administrators. What they all have in common is: a unique need, a significant workload, and a desire to find a better way to work.


Our Services

Desktop and Mobile Custom Applications

We build cross-platform, mobile and web-ready applications. Customised software brings an increase in productivity and reduced effort that can be the difference between break-even and business success.

Off-the-shelf software is often a poor match for your needs. Software that wasn’t designed for your business can force you to find workarounds, cause delays and introduce errors that will frustrate your staff and your customers.

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Data Collection, Data Transfers, Data Transformation

Managing data is at the core of our business. Whether you want to have a web site capturing customer enquiries or staff using iPads on the shop floor. We can provide the tools to get the job done.

Integrating Work flows with your Backend Data Stores

No matter what your workflow, whether it is converting leads to sales, working on-site or managing a factory floor, you want to be confident that the job has been done to specifications. Visually rich and purpose built screens that mimic your specific work processes make otherwise complex work as simple as push-button and data entry.

Development and Maintenance of your Custom Applications

Businesses can’t be set in stone and nor should software. If you’ve been frustrated because your software cannot be updated or modified to meet your needs you are not alone. Our custom apps can be changed to suit your needs. A lot of our work has come from clients asking for features which are unique.

Certified FileMaker Pro Developers

Our custom apps are based on the FileMaker Pro relational database engine and we have FileMaker Developer Certification.

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